Go to the Painting Gallery to see submitted paintings from the Paint the Ballet project.

Our Current Painters:

Below is a list of our current Paint the Ballet painters for 2014 as well as a list of previous participants who have submitted artwork. A name that is highlighted and underlined is linked to its respective website, art blog, LinkedIn or Facebook page.

*Artists that accept privately commissioned work have an asterisk next to their name.

Current Participants:

Sandra Abruzzo
Charles Aldrich
Donna Aldrich
Teruyo "Terry" Allen
Marian Berg
Mindy Bradford
Denali Brooke*
Diane Buster
Nancy Davis
Phyllis Dorough
Marilyn Drake*
Susan Earl
Marie Fritz*
Gaye Garrison*
Katherine Gauntt
Waid Griffin
Mary Julyan
Fran Krukar
Robert Kuester*
Betty Lehnus
Ann Lewis
Sandi Ludescher
Mary Jane Manford*
Susan Lange Marshall
Cecelia McRoberts
John Meister*
Michael Meyer
Fred Miller
Louisa Roberts*
Cynthia Rowland, Cynthia's Blog
Anne Schultz
Mary Stovall
Susan Strasia
Rich Troyanowski
Ruth Andrews Vreeland
Fred Yost


Previous Participants:

Jim Anderson
Jona Batt
Toni Black
Maureen Hendrick
Chuck Lewis
Carolyn Poole
Diane Walton Reitz*